Aug 2021

How to do product photography for the fashion industry and why the articles with product detail photos have a bigger conversion rate?

There is no need to convince anyone that product photos can make or break the online product sale. However, high-quality visuals shape the first and also the fullest impression about the product. They bring presented items to life, tell stories, and build customers’ trust for the brand and the product. They show more than even the best copywriting can do.

How to increase your online sale with the professional product photography?

In the real world, you can touch, feel, try on, and even smell a piece of your choice and then decide whether you want to buy it or not. Online, you are limited to only one or two senses: sight and sometimes hearing. Only by providing customers an outstanding shopping experience you can convert an average user into a customer. 

According to Justuno, 93% of people consider visual appearance a critical deciding factor in purchasing decisions. By watching photos, they choose the fastest and the most convincing way to determine product quality and features. 

The visual presentation is one of the most important factors influencing consumers’ decisions. Images show more than a thousand words and are an indispensable supplement to even the best product description. Meaning, good-quality of product photography is a must.

Why should you provide product detail photos to the customers?

Only product photos in excellent quality can convert a visitor into a customer. They offer the end-users a firm grasp of what they’re buying. By providing different kinds of photos, taken from many angles, packshots, model pictures, and photo details, the seller can simulate the sense that only a visit to a traditional shop can offer.

This “look and feel” can be boosted up by the incredible detail pictures. Contrary to what you can notice on some e-commerce pages, one or two shots are just not enough. Not only the quantity but also the quality matters, if you want to sell your goods better than your competitors.


How to shoot outstanding details product photographs for fashion? Tips and tricks.

  • Create a separate setup to shot product details

In many e-shops, you can see close-ups taken directly on a model during photo shooting. This approach is not wrong at all if you want to show how a product fits the body. But when it comes to showing product structure or important details, only taking pictures in a separate view can give you the best possible effect. 

By creating a separate space, only for making detail pictures and close-ups, you can gain precious time, allowing you to speed up the process of delivering a complete package of photos to the client. In addition, making packshots and detail pictures can go in parallel for different products simultaneously.

  • Find the perfect lighting setup for a product detail photograph

When you want to achieve the good quality of product close-ups, lighting is always critical. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take the close-ups with light adjusted, especially for this kind of set. Operating chiaroscuro allows you to create a three-dimensional illusion of photographed objects.

Thanks to this, you can deliver crisp, high-quality photos. You will also be capable of “catching” the fabric’s structure, regardless of its colour or thickness.

Looking at the image done with exceptional care for the light, you can almost feel the softness of the fabric, touch smooth leather or check the tailors’ craftsmanship. This effect is impossible to get while taking shots directly on a model or while making packshots. 

Please remember that the overall look of the final detail picture has to be adjusted to match the consistent view of the whole set of delivered pictures.

The same colour showed on a model, packshot, and close-ups will prevent a user from guessing what will be delivered in a package and decrease the number of possible returns.

  • Show details by styling clothes directly on a set

If you want to sell fashion, you need to know how to emphasise the unique selling features of clothes. Before taking product detail photos, you need to take your time to take a closer look at the photographed item.  In sharp close-ups, you can show craftsmanship by revealing precise stitches, finesse finishing, delicate lining, or exquisite buttons. 

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On the other hand, close-ups will also reveal imperfections of a product. Therefore, a photographer must also be a quality expert to present the product from the very best angle. It would be best if you also make sure that accidental threads or creases did not negatively affect the reception of the product. 

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