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Our Pictures At Work.

Our clients e-commerce websites based on our pictures.

Why choose us.

Instant corrections

Corrections to your pictures ready in 2-5 hours. Our retouching team is based in-house, waiting for your feedback weekdays 8-16.

Next-day service

Urgent situation? Send us up-to-50 products on Monday with DHL express and get pictures on Tuesday afternoon. Europewide.

High Standards

Our packshots are rich in detail, sharp, high resolution, and well retouched. Internal processes ensure that quality is constant in time.

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More details about our services.

Weekly orders of 400 products supported !

Our studio-based team delivers 3000 pictures of client’s products everyday.

Are you in a hurry? We can deliver pictures of 50 products next day, and 400 products in 7 days without compromising quality.

Quality ensured by internal processes

We have awesome team on board, but on top of that we stick to internal processes that ensure high and constant quality of our pictures. Every step is logged in our system, and you have access to this informations online .

Where High Quality come from

What happens to your products when they come to our studio? Actually, a lot more than you might have thought. Every product goes through following steps: Unpacking, Checking the list, Ironing, Styling, Shooting, Filenaming, Color-matching, Retouching folds and creases, fixing imperfections. When we finnish, we pack your clothes back nicely, so they look untouched and are ready for further sale.

Easy to start, but very fittable solution

Not satisfied with your current product pictures?, Just send us your products and let us do the job – you will be nicely surprised looking at your products photographed by our team.

But if you are very aware of your needs, we will adapt our process to the way that you want to work.

Free test session

All you need to do is to send us a couple of products, and see how we manage it. It’s not only to prove that we are specialists. We use it to determine client’s needs and to set the pattern for future shots. If you liked pictures that we have taken you can purchase them. After shooting is done we send products back to you.


What our clients tell about us

"We expected an easy communication and execution of creating multiple sessions involving hundreds of products with very short deadlines. From GoPackshot our needs were fulfilled. Together with our pace of introducing products to stores and press worldwide, both the time and efficiency of this entire proces has improved. Thanks to the cooperation with GoPackshot, we can ensure an effective working proces, with time and resources to focus on our brand as we leave the product photos to specialists."

Jacob Evaristi,

Digital PR & Showroom Manager

"We were looking for a company that will provide us with higher quality, but also be a partner to simply talk and exchange ideas. GoPackshot gave us the feeling of such a partnership, in addition offering us the highest possible quality at a relatively low price. Shipping in both directions turned out to be no a problem at all."

Tineke Van Herbruggen, Who's That Girl, Belgium

E-commerce Manager

"We value goPackshot for their reliability, knowledge and speed of the process - they have relieved us of many tasks and have become a part of success of our online store."

Jens Koehler, Orsay GMBH

E-commerce Manager

"Cooperation with GoPackshot saves us a lot of time - taking pictures is express, and better than expected. As our partner, they are constantly trying to meet our expectations. Thanks to Trello communication, the whole process of ordering and reviewing pictures is really effective."

Javgienij Borishenko,


"Thanks to Gopackshot's knowledge of the market, our photos stand out from our competitors. Simple procedures and involvement of their's team made our process as simple as sending a package with products."

Katarzyna Lenartowicz,

E-commerce Manager


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