eCommerce Retouch.

If your images require additional retouching, we will fix all the imperfections in the post-editing process. Our retouchers are up-to-date with the latest retouching trends and techniques. We do all the editing in-house and do not outsource your projects to third party image mills or agencies.

Whether it’s cosmetics, clothes or electronics, great photos are the building blocks of robust eCommerce and help to boost conversions and your bottom line. Shopping online, out of lack of physical cues, is inherently visual, which vastly increases the importance of good photography. Customers will buy a product only if they like what they see. 

We know how to shoot your products the most appealing way, but it’s the retouch that gives them additional punch. Our team of experienced photo editors know how to make your images pop. We produce quality pictures that leave a lasting imprint in the minds of your customers and boost your conversions and customer loyalty.

What do you get?

  • Background customization
  • Detail Close Ups
  • Spot-on Color Matching
  • Creative shots
  • Modeled shots
  • Phantom shots

Pixel perfect. 

Humans are visual beings and process information based on what we see. Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. No matter how good your products are, you can’t win if you don’t stand out from the competition. Advanced retouch allows us to make sure our shots are perfect – from the product itself to the background and lighting.

Industry standards. 

We deliver industry standard white background photos in formats that work with all major eCommerce platforms. We also offer mannequin and on-model images as well as creative lifestyle settings ranging from tabletop-sized to full room customizable scenes. Our post-processing team will handle all the retouching, color correction, resizing, and formatting necessary to meet all eCommerce marketplace requirements. We make photos that attract eyes and sell your products.