As photos have become the staple of modern eCommerce, you need to go the extra mile to truly stand out. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! We also produce videos that effectively present your product, which can be a key factor in increasing sales conversion across your marketing channels. 

Quality product videos are perfect marketing assets which can be reused and repurposed in many different ways, e.g. in social media posts and ads. Quality product videos will not only increase the likelihood of a purchase but will be a favorable first impression.

What do you get?

  • Pixel-perfect product videos
  • Optimized for different platforms
  • Brand-tailored video content
  • Various types of product videos, including e-commerce, product context, and creative videos
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Flexibility
  • Corrections
  • Post editing

The second-best thing to brick-and-mortar shopping.

Even consumers that appreciate the convenience of shopping online want to know as much about products as possible before they buy. To compensate your shoppers for the lack of the ability to touch, smell, taste, hear, and otherwise sense a tangible product, you can offer detailed product videos as the second best thing. This can be a perfect stand-in for the brick-and-mortar store experience, helping customers to understand what they’re buying even though they can’t pick it up, touch it, and interact with it.

Post-production and editing.

While pre-production and production are critical to the success of your photo or video project, it’s our editing team that truly make the magic happen. During this stage we ensure that your product video looks exactly like we have planned in pre-production.

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