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What are the locations you currently operate?
Our studio is based in Wroclaw, Poland. However, we provide services globally. Despite being located in Poland, our clients come from various countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, and beyond. Our process is easy and hassle-free for our clients. They just need to send their products to our studio in Wroclaw for shooting, and we will take care of the rest by sending the products and images back to them in their respective countries. Our location in Wroclaw does not limit the range of coverage of our service.
What kind of products do you take pictures of?
We specialize in fashion products and take pride in our ability to create pixel-perfect pictures for a wide variety of fashion-related items. Whether you're looking to showcase apparel, lingerie, footwear, jewelry, fashion accessories, leather goods, eyewear, or any other fashion product, we have the expertise and skill to deliver exceptional results. With our attention to detail and dedication to quality, you can trust us to help you showcase your fashion products in the best possible light.
How do you deliver the photos?
Our studio maintains a 24-month backup of all photos on our cloud storage. We typically provide access to photos by sending a link, but we can also upload them to your preferred PIM or DAM system. At our studio, we prioritize the client's needs and preferences, so we always deliver photos in the way that suits you best. Just let us know your preferred method of delivery, and we will adapt accordingly.
Do you take pictures that are meeting the requirements of different selling platforms/ marketplaces?
We understand the importance of meeting marketplace requirements when it comes to product photography. That's why we take care to ensure that the photos we prepare meet all necessary specifications, including size, format, resolution, and background color. By adhering to these guidelines, we can help ensure that your product pictures are optimized for online sales and perform well in marketplace settings. So, whether you're selling on Zalando, About You, Breuninger, Otto, or another platform, you can trust us to provide high-quality photos that are designed to help you sell your products effectively.
How can I book models for photo shoots, and what are my options for working with your studio in this regard?
Our studio provides two options for cooperation: with in-house models or models from selected modeling agencies in Poland. The process for booking models is similar in both cases. Simply provide us with detailed information on the type of model you are looking for, including dimensions, beauty type, size, skin color, and other specifications. Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a pre-selection of models to choose from, and then book the selected model for your photo session.
What is the price of your services?
We offer a straightforward billing model that allows you to easily calculate your budget, whether you need photos of 20 or 300 products. Our pricing is calculated based on the number and type of products you would like us to photograph, as well as the level of styling or retouching required. Prices include all costs related to the organization of the photo session, product preparations, and export of final files according to your requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific needs, and we look forward to working with you to capture beautiful photos of your products.
What’s included in the price of your services?
Our pricing covers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that you receive high-quality photos that meet your expectations. This includes product preparation services such as unpacking, ironing, cleaning, labeling, and marking of products, as well as setting up the photographic setup according to your guidelines. During the shoot, we'll execute the photo session and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that we capture the best possible images. After the shoot, we'll perform post-production and high-quality retouching to further enhance the photos. We'll also ensure that the final files are named according to your specifications. If you opt to shoot with models, we can provide a preliminary list of models who meet your specific needs and handle all aspects of booking models on your behalf. Additionally, we'll manage the styling process during the photo shoot to ensure that your products are presented in the best possible light. Overall, our goal is to provide a comprehensive service that takes care of all the details and delivers high-quality results that meet your expectations.
What is turnaround time? How long does the shooting process take?
Weekly orders of 400 products supported! Our studio-based team delivers 3,000 pictures of client’s products everyday. Are you in a hurry? We can deliver pictures of 50 products next day, and 400 products in 7 days without compromising on quality.
What do I have to do before sending the items?
Start with our contact form. To get a detailed pricing, you can provide us with additional details like your estimated number of products (annually), required service, as well as priority and budget preferences. Once you submit your order and get an estimate, you will receive an email confirmation with cost estimation and a shipping address for your first order. We accept UPS, FedEx, and DHL shipments.
How many days after sending the products to you will I receive the photos?
The timeframe for delivering your photos will depend on several factors, such as the number of products you need photographed and whether the session was planned in advance. As a general guideline, we aim to have photos ready within approximately 5 business days. However, if you require your photos more quickly, we offer a FAST-TRACK service that can deliver your photos in just 2 days. So, whether you need a quick turnaround or have a bit more time to spare, we're happy to work with you to meet your needs and ensure that you receive high-quality photos in a timely manner.
What is the minimum number of products required for your product photography services?
At our company, we place a high value on tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each client. In order to guarantee exceptional results and the highest level of service, we have established a minimum order quantity for our product photography services. By doing so, we are able to fully devote ourselves to every project, ensuring the delivery of top-notch quality. The minimum order quantity can vary based on the type of photos required. For packshot photography, we require a minimum of 20 items as we need to prepare the necessary setup. For house models, we need 15 products, and we have two dedicated house models who work with us daily to ensure top-quality photography. For clients who require photos of agency models, we require a minimum of 35 products, as we work exclusively with the best modeling agencies and need to book a model for the entire day-long photo session. By adhering to these minimum order quantities, we can fully commit ourselves to each project and ensure that our clients receive exceptional results and service.
For how long can we use the pictures? (copyrights)
If the photos do not include the image of a model, there is no time limit on how long they can be used. However, if the photos feature models, the duration of use depends on the terms specified in the contract with the client. Typically, the time limit is between 24-36 months, but it can be extended upon the client's request. The reason for the time limit is the use of the model's image, which is subject to legal restrictions.
Do you have a portfolio or samples of your past campaigns or client work?
Yes, we have a portfolio that showcases a wide range of examples of our work that we have completed for our clients, and you can easily access it on our website by visiting the portfolio tab. If you are interested in seeing specific examples that are tailored to your fashion brand, please let us know, and we would be happy to provide you with targeted pictures that meet your needs.
Do you create product videos as well?
Absolutely! We provide a comprehensive range of visual solutions tailored to meet your e-commerce needs, including packshots, model photography, close-up pictures, eCommerce retouch, and pictures for marketplaces. Additionally, we offer a range of product video options, such as product presentation videos featuring models, videos showcasing the product, 360 animations, and creative videos. Our team will work closely with you to create the perfect video that meets your specific needs and helps you sell more effectively.
Do you have a closet with products for styling?
Yes, we do! Our studio provides a range of basic accessories, shoes, and styling essentials to enhance the visuals of your products. However, if you have specific requirements, you can purchase and provide them yourself. This allows us to create a styling that aligns precisely with your brand vision, ensuring your products look their best.

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