Jul 2023

How AI is revolutionizing fashion product photography

Today we can be certain that 2023 will be the year of “artificial intelligence.” In today’s world, the fashion industry is rapidly developing, and online stores are a key tool for major fashion brands with the increasing popularity of online shopping for clothing and fashion accessories.

According to statistical data, the number of people buying online is currently around 2 billion, which represents 25% of the world’s population.

In order to attract customers and stand out from the competition, it is extremely important to present high-quality photos and videos of products. The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has provided photographic studios with new tools that have revolutionized the way product photos and videos are created and presented in the fashion industry.


Artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizes product photography, opening up possibilities that have the potential to transform the way products are showcased to consumers in the future.

Generating Realistic 3D Models

Artificial intelligence can be used to generate realistic 3D models of products based on product photos. These 3D models can then be used to create product visualizations. Although AI is unlikely to fully replace human models for us, it currently has the potential to significantly enhance consumer experiences. With digitally generated avatars, online stores can effectively increase the diversity of models on which buyers can assess the appearance of a given product. Currently, when shopping online, a particular product is usually presented on a single person. However, customers desire to see clothing presented on models who mirror their own characteristics. AI can enrich the catalog of models in terms of size and body type, age, and skin color, reflecting a wide range of consumers. Brands like Levi’s have already embraced this trend, using AI-generated models in their online shop, while Balmain and Louis Vuitton use AI-generated models in their campaigns and runway shows.


Improving Image Quality

Artificial intelligence can help automatically improve the quality of product photos. AI can, for example, automatically adjust white balance, contrast, color saturation, sharpness or provide image upscale and many other aspects of the photo to achieve optimal results.

AI upscaling involves producing new pixels of picture information to add detail where there wasn’t any before, filling in the gaps to build a higher-resolution image, and applying machine learning to improve the final product. As technology evolves, new and innovative ways of creating better images are being developed. With AI image upscaling, images can be made sharper and more realistic by using a convolutional neural network.


Automation of Editing Process

Traditionally, photo editing requires a lot of time and effort. Programs that use artificial intelligence can recognize elements in photos and adjust them automatically, saving time and increasing work efficiency. Artificial intelligence can automatically detect and remove imperfections, adjust lighting and color balance, and even apply complex effects such as bokeh or depth of field.

Background Generation

The AI background generator is a tool that uses AI algorithms to create a new background for an image. Unlike traditional methods that involve removing the original background and replacing it with a new one, AI-powered tools use advanced technology to create a background from a text prompt and smoothly integrate it into the subject. Additionally, many AI background generators provide full control over customizing the images.

Original Photo
Photo with generated background

Optimizing Production Time

Artificial intelligence-driven tools offer numerous opportunities and advancements for photographic studios, significantly reducing the time needed to deliver final visual content to clients. However, despite their progress, these tools cannot completely replace human involvement in the creative process. They still lack the perfection required to deliver features like consistency and attention to detail.



AI solutions have revolutionized the creation and presentation of product photos and videos in the fashion industry, but it is important to note that they do not aim to completely replace the need for regular photos. 

AI is another great tool for photo studios. It helps in producing creative photos. It automates selected elements of the photo editing process. It gives hope for even more possibilities ahead in the near future.

Areas that currently need improvement are:

Maintaining consistency over time – fashion brands expect that the product in the photos will always look the same regardless of when the photo was taken and whether it is a product photo, a photo with a model or a creative shoot.

Attention to detail – often it is the small details of selected products that make a unique selling proposition for selected brands, finding a way to expose them repetitively is quite a challenge these days.