Who is our partner?

A creative brand offering an alternative to conventional fashion.

Dedicated started in 2006 after realizing that the available brands calling themselves responsible weren’t fashionable in their design, and the fashionable brands did not take responsibility for the environmental impact of their production. The brand places a high priority on sourcing better fibers than the industry norm, by using organic, natural and recycled fabrics. Their designs often carry a purpose, with a focus on highlighting environmental issues. Operating in over 30 countries, Dedicated makes fashion with a lower-impact accessible globally, inspiring consumers and industry peers to prioritize sustainability.

The beginning of our cooperation


Our collaboration with Dedicated began with a meeting during fashion week in Copenhagen, where we had the opportunity to connect with Johan Graffner, the brand’s owner. This initial meeting resulted in a test shoot of their products in April 2022, and the impressive outcome encouraged the client to initiate a partnership that has continued to this day.


Since then, we have been regularly conducting e-commerce photo sessions for the brand, which include capturing product photos on models, and packshots of fashion accessories.

Through a year of collaboration, we gained a deep understanding of the brand style, inspiring us to move forward.

Together we’ve creating stunning e-commerce, packshots, and lifestyle photography that captures the essence of our brand. We’re very happy about the result from this past year and collaboration!

Josefine Anjou, Campaign Manager & Content Creator of DEDICATED

The opportunity


As an all-in-one photography studio, we always focus on long-term cooperation. We firmly believe that with this approach we can get to know the client well, their expectations, requirements and also understand the brand philosophy and brand DNA.


This approach has resulted in a proposal to use specific locations for image campaigns for the Dedicated brand. We easily found unique locations in our city that match the brand’s image.



Following our conversation with Amanda Krantz, the Creative Director of Dedicated, we proposed two locations in our city. An old industrial hall and a swimming pool from the late XIX century.
During our meeting in Copenhagen, the location ideas were accepted and we could start planning the session.

More about the lifestyle photoshoot


Dedicated goes beyond their regular collections by collaborating with artists and designers from around the world to create unique collections. They explain their vision as follows:

When we started back in 2006, we realized that there were no sustainable brands with flavor. So we created Dedicated to fill that gap. And aside from our creative in-house team, we are constantly looking to collaborate with illustrators, photographers, and designers from all over the world. By doing this we’re able to give to our clients unique and diverse collections. Like David Shrigley once said, Art will save the world!

Our task involved photographing three distinct collections in collaboration with different artists: Hans Arnold, Non-Violence, Gremlins.

We operated within a close communication model throughout our collaboration, ensuring that even remote meetings to finalize all the details were not an obstacle. Working with an art director who possesses a clear vision, knows what the brand wants, and comes prepared with a detailed script makes the collaboration incredibly convenient and efficient.


We were given a moodboard so that we could work out all the technical details such as setting up the set-up, lights, preparing the necessary photographic equipment, as well as organizing all the extras, accessories.


Our crew of 20 people included photographers, stylists, makeup artists, technical support, and project managers. We worked all together in cooperation with the Dedicated Team smoothly for four days. All of it to meet diverse needs for each campaign. The outcome can be admired in the pictures below.

DEDICATED x Hans Arnold.

The Hans Arnold Collection offers stylish designs for both men and women, featuring the iconic illustrations of renowned horror artist Hans Arnold. Known for his surreal and psychedelic style, as well as his dark humor, Arnold has gained a dedicated global fanbase.

DEDICATED x Non-Violence.

The Dedicated x Non-Violence collection is a limited edition highlighting the significant efforts of The Non-Violence Project, a global NGO working towards creating a non-violent society. Their mission is to educate young people on peaceful conflict resolution and inspire them to become agents of change. Each piece in the collection represents a symbol of pride and understanding of NVP’s mission.

DEDICATED x Gremlins.

The collection includes a hoodie, sweatshirt, and four t-shirts featuring mischievous monsters from the iconic movie Gremlins. Released in 1984, Gremlins has become a beloved holiday film that combines comedy, horror, and Christmas themes. These little monsters have earned a place in popular culture and continue to remind us that Christmas can be both scary and funny.


Following a successful lifestyle photoshoot, our client entrusted us with another session six months later, highlighting the summer collection. We provided the client with options for various locations for the session. The Dedicated team chose a unique, historic interior built in 1897, with a complex of pools that is truly captivating! We worked with the team all day on the outcomes of this session, which you can admire below.

Working with the Go Packshot team is truly a pleasure; they consistently deliver high quality results and accommodate our needs seamlessly.

Josefine Anjou, Campaign Manager & Content Creator of DEDICATED

Main results of the project



Our 2-years partnership with Dedicated showcases our dedication to each project. With successful e-commerce and outdoor photo sessions, we’ve proven our adaptability and ability to deliver top-quality visual content. Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about pursuing new projects and eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership for many more years, creating content that align with the brand’s values and vision.