How our photography services met and even exceeded client needs with comprehensive range of services

Who is our partner?

APU KUNTUR, a family-owned company established in 1989, is renowned for its design and production of high-quality alpaca clothing and fashion accessories. Adhering to Fairtrade specifications, APU KUNTUR focuses on ethical production and sustainable fashion practices. With a product line crafted from some of the world’s finest natural fibers, the company was in search of a professional photography studio that could showcase their products in the best light.

In 2021, we had the pleasure of meeting Stephan Juette from APU KUNTUR at the INNATEX fair in Frankfurt, paving the way for a valuable collaboration with the esteemed brand.

The challenge:

APU KUNTUR had been struggling with the quality and turnaround time of their product photography. Despite investing weeks of preparation, the results were falling short of their expectations, leaving them in need of a new approach. They wanted a partner who could deliver exceptional quality, understand their brand, and provide timely delivery to support their efforts. So in mid-2022 they reached out to us, seeking a partnership in our company.

To prepare for the test session, we conducted a comprehensive online meeting with APU KUNTUR, where we delved into their brand history, product line, and reviewed the guide they had provided us. This allowed us to truly understand the essence of their products and tailor our approach accordingly.
During a trial session, we successfully showcased our skills by capturing the essence of APU KUNTUR’s products’ distinct fabrics, quality, and “soft, pleasant touch” of materials. This led to an ongoing, fruitful partnership.

"Before Gopackshot, we faced challenges finding the perfect photos for our needs. Gopackshot made a positive impact by linking us with exceptional photographers and models, and handling the necessary permissions, elevating our photos to new heights."

Stephan Juette, APU KUNTUR

Implemented solutions:
Studio Sessions: After careful consideration, we suggested the types of models, determined the optimal number of shots and positions for the models to accurately reflect the essence of the brand. We also agreed on the approach to presenting the clothes in the packshots and what key details to highlight in the presentation. By working together to establish a clear plan and vision, we were able to ensure that the final deliverables effectively showcased the unique features of APU KUNTUR’s products. Through our first two sessions, we gained insights into the client’s expectations, communication preferences, and brand DNA. By concentrating on their distinctive products, we captured images that showcased their unique features and encapsulated the brand’s essence.

Lookbook Studio Session: With our understanding of the client’s needs, we were entrusted with a lookbook session. This required meticulous planning and organization to ensure every detail conveyed the brand’s story and aligned with both parties’ expectations. Our team demonstrated creativity and resourcefulness during the planning stage, curating accessories and painting a studio wall for a custom backdrop. The successful session met the client’s satisfaction, paving the way for an outdoor session challenge.

“It was a very nice and pleasant experience, both in terms of observing the work of the entire team and personally. Wroclaw proved to be an appealing destination with its accessible airport and efficient connections. The team was very professional, and we were impressed with the quality of the work. They truly captured the essence of our products and brand, and we are very satisfied with the results."

Stephan Juette, APU KUNTUR

Outdoor Session

Eager to tackle challenges, we explored locations that reflected the client’s vision of nature, greenery, and trees. We conducted test sessions at various sites, and based on our photos and recommendations, the client made their selection. Outdoor shoots present unique challenges compared to studio sessions, particularly in terms of organization and weather unpredictability. Throughout the session, our team of photographers, models, stylists, and lighting specialists was joined by Stephan Juette, whose presence offered valuable advice and enjoyable companionship.

Main results of the joint project:

  • High-Quality Visuals: We delivered top-quality pictures and videos that effectively showcased APU KUNTUR’s products’ unique features, highlighting their commitment to superior craftsmanship and design.
  • Successful Collaborations: Our partnership resulted in multiple e-commerce and lookbook sessions, including one outdoor session. We photographed over 100 products, generating a total of more than 1,000 professional photos and more than 100 videos for the brand.
  • Full Coverage to Customer’s Needs: Our photography services exceeded the client’s expectations, providing packshots, model photography, video, lookbook and outdoor sessions that covered all their needs and more.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Our professional studio streamlined the process, saving the client weeks of organization, stress, and concerns about session outcomes.
  • Ongoing Partnership: The success of our collaboration has led to plans for future photo sessions, reflecting the mutual satisfaction and continued trust between APU KUNTUR and Gopackshot.



Our collaboration with APU KUNTUR not only resulted in exceptional visuals that captured the essence of their products but also paved the way for a longlasting, fruitful partnership. Through our dedication to understanding the client’s needs and our ability to adapt and overcome challenges, we successfully delivered impressive results that elevated APU KUNTUR’s brand image.

Stephan Juette encapsulates our partnership “The communication and organization exhibited by Gopackshot and their entire team is outstanding, and we eagerly anticipate fostering a close collaboration in the future.”