Aug 2021

3 ways of outsourcing e-commerce product photography.

Outsourcing of product photography is a process in which you decide to give out photo production to a reliable partner. If you have not decided yet whether it’s the best solution for your company, with this article, you can find out when and why outsourcing product photography is the best solution for your e-commerce fashion business.

Let’s take a look at these examples of partial outsourcing of e-commerce product photography and consider the pros and cons of each solution which might be the right option for your business.

There are three possible ways of outsourcing product photography:

  • outsourcing product shots to a local photographer
  • outsourcing process to a photography service provider that offers service on-site
  • outsourcing e-commerce shots to the photography service provider

You can decide to outsource the full photo-production to the respective partner in all those three types, or only part of it. 

Option 1: outsourcing product shots to a local photographer 

It means that you will find a small studio near your location with an experienced photographer that can also provide retouching services (or you will leave retouching in-house). Your products will be shipped to the studio location, shot over there, and then will come back to your place. Deciding to outsource to a local photographer is a good solution for small and medium businesses that production doesn’t exceed roughly 500 pieces per year.

Option 2: outsourcing process to a photography service provider that offers service on-site

What is a service provider that works on-site? Well, that’s a company that “rents” their staff and equipment. It could also provide a post-production service, depending on your needs. Your goods will be shipped or just allocated to your studio. You will fully take responsibility for the pieces that will be shot for you. This type of outsourcing is ideal for the companies who want to take part in the production process but are unwilling to (due to lack of resources, know-how, etc.) build up a photo studio from the ground.

Unfortunately, this solution is not very popular due to the small number of professional players on the market. However, if you are interested in checking the pros and cons of outsourcing photo production to a service provider who works on-site, check out this article.

Option 3: outsourcing e-commerce shots to a professional photography service provider

The question that probably popping out to your head is: what a photography service provider is?

In a few words, that is a company that specializes in e-commerce photography. The main goal for such a firm is to deliver high-quality products-shots, fast and to a certain quality level. For the photography service provider, delivering various types of product photographs is a core business. They have gathered knowledge, know-how, and all resources needed to provide high-quality service. They combine creativity and effectiveness based on a well-organized structure.

It could be a local company, but it doesn’t have to. Such a firm can be located everywhere, also abroad. The photography process is structured to send goods to the providers’ studio, and they send them back after the shooting is done.

All photos presented in this article were taken in the GoPackshot studio. If you would like to see more, please check our portfolio.  Also, If you are looking for a reliable partner to outsource your product photography, you can use this formula to contact us directly.