Visual transformation for NUNUNU’s new online store

Who is our partner?

NUNUNU, founded by co-owners and designers Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, has emerged as a groundbreaking brand in children’s clothing. The brand offers an alternative line to typical children’s clothing, and it was a pioneer in creating gender-neutral clothing for kids. It is known for its bold patterns and modern cuts. Iris and Tail create collections that break stereotypes, and dodge accepted norms for the kids who dare to be different and stand proud of their individuality – modern, cool, and full of creativity. Over the past decade, the brand’s eccentric and unconventional style has become a natural element in children’s fashion which inspires worldwide.

The challenge:

NUNUNU had embarked on the journey of establishing a new online store, necessitating the creation of compelling sales content for their fresh platform. In May 2022, Shira Maimon, the Marketing Manager of NUNUNU, approached us to initiate a collaboration.

The brand had previously relied on internal resources to produce its product photos. They employed a dedicated photographer, and Shira diligently supervised the styling and overall photoshoot process. However, this approach proved to be time-consuming for the NUNUNU team. They experimented with lightboxes – shadowless tents for a studio, but ultimately, this solution did not meet their expectations. Consequently, they decided to engage a professional photography studio.

"While working on a new online store for NUNUNU, we were looking to change and improve our product presentation. We wanted to give our customers a realistic image of our clothing and by this enhance the quality and softness of the NUNUNU garments. After seeing GoPackshot’s first images, we felt we’re in the right place."

Shira Maimon, Marketing Manager

As a photography studio, we faced the challenge of creating visual content for the NUNUNU brand for their new website, which included packshots and detail shots for all products. The brand had already garnered a reputation for its original and distinctive products, commanding recognition on a global scale. That meant we had to deliver content that met their high standards and expectations.

Implemented solution:

At the beginning of our collaboration, we asked the NUNUNU brand for a few of their products for a test photoshoot. We received a diverse range of seven products, each showcasing different prints, colours, materials, finishes, and designs, all of which we aimed to capture through photography. NUNUNU had specific expectations for the photo shoot, requiring both packshots and detail shots.

Customized Packshots

We had to achieve a balance between a flat appearance and a 3D effect, giving the products an appealing visual depth without resorting to the typical mannequin approach.

Details Shots

Our focus was to highlight the exceptional quality of NUNUNU‘s materials, the top-notch prints and the captivating patterns they offer. At the same time, we ensured that each photo showcased a specific part of the garment.

We completed the test photoshoot just two weeks after the initial contact. After the test shoot, we had an online meeting with the NUNUNU team. We had positive feedback, expressing great satisfaction with the results, and they decided to continue our collaboration. They entrusted us with an impressive task, sending over 120 products for our first official session.


NUNUNU’s Marketing Manager, Shira Maimon, conveyed their excitement about the potential impact of our work on their upcoming website launch:

“We are in the process of launching a new website and we have no doubt that GoPackshot's work is going to produce a significant improvement in the shopping experience of our customers on our website.”

Shira Maimon, Marketing Manager

We were thrilled and proud that NUNUNU’s team trusted us with their visual content support for their new website. Being chosen for such an important role in their online presence was truly an honour.

The brand’s overwhelming satisfaction with the results from our first official session solidified the foundation for a promising and enduring partnership. Their enthusiastic feedback after the shoot further reinforced our confidence in delivering exceptional visual content.

"The results are amazing! The items look great, the detailed photos reflect the quality of the garments and fabrics perfectly."

Shira Maimon, Marketing Manager

Main results of the joint project:

During our one-year collaboration with NUNUNU, we produced an impressive total of over 2000 pictures, photographing nearly 1000 unique products. The extensive volume of visuals we created contributed to enhancing the brand’s new online store and overall marketing efforts significantly.

Throughout this period, we built a strong foundation of trust with the NUNUNU team, which led them to extend the scope of our partnership beyond packshots and detail shots. They entrusted us with two model sessions, where we had the opportunity to showcase the brand’s bold and modern clothing on our models.

Our visual content played a crucial role in improving the shopping experience for NUNUNU’s customers on their new website, solidifying the brand’s position in the competitive children’s clothing market.



Our collaboration with NUNUNU has been an exciting journey, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with their extraordinary children’s clothing. We admire their creative and modern approach, and are impressed by the quality of their products. We look forward to continuing our partnership, delivering visual content for the brand which inspires and delight customers worldwide.

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