Givn Berlin.

How we optimized photoshoot implementation by 80% for Givn Berlin

Who is our partner?

Fashion for a difference

Givn is a contemporary fair fashion brand from Berlin that is all about authenticity and self-determination. It was founded in 2010 and strives to create designs that underline personality and make you feel good. Experiments with fabrics, trends, and different styles from the modern world are the foundation of all collections. The collections are developed in the Berlin studio and made in Europe under fair working conditions. Due to its fair and ecological supply chain, Givn Berlin is GOTS-certified and PETA Approved Vegan.

Givn Berlin’s business values are

The brand designs two collections per year which need to be photographed for B2B and B2C customers alike.

Optimizing the time
Before we partnered with Givn Berlin, they organized a whole e-commerce photography session alone.

„The process of planning and organizing the photo shoot took us around 2 weeks. Then carrying out the shooting took another 2-3 days and involved 11 people, such as: 3 models, stylist, 2 photographers, hair and make-up artists, and 3 people from Givn to oversee the process and progress.”

Moritz Biel from GIVN BERLIN

Even though there were so many people involved in the production process the final material still needed additional work. The Givn team had to spend extra time to control the photos’ quality and coherency.

The process arranged that way was not optimal. The team built out of the freelancers hasn’t guaranteed consistency and repeatability for the brand. Also, each session required time to introduce new people to the DNA and expectations of Givn.

“We lacked a subcontractor who would professionally and comprehensively execute the shoot in line with our philosophy. One who, despite the scale of the project, would be able to personalize the process and focus on our needs, understand the brand strategy and story, and have the facilities for a comprehensive shoot.” (Moritz Biel from GIVN BERLIN)

How to build trust in the comprehensiveness of our services

“We knew that Givn Berlin is not an ordinary brand, they’re extraordinary! They’ve been our clients for 2 years, but only for the product pictures.
Our biggest challenge was to convince Givn that we could take over the whole process by becoming project managers. That would include all-inclusive, time-optimized photo shoots, that will result in top-quality photos consistent with the brand’s DNA. – Cyprian Lemiech

How did we make it?

Embedded in the foundations of our business is a strong attitude towards building long-term relationships based on partnership. We believe that when making such important decisions from the client’s point of view as photo shoots with models for a major collection, it is important to be sure that the final result will be in line with expectations.

According to the above, we always propose to the client the test shots at our cost. By that, they can see how we work and compare the quality of the images. It works both ways as we can see and learn the products and verify the client’s requirements in the practice.
- Cyprian Lemiech

Implemented solutions
We test, optimize and deliver quality.
We did the test shot to showcase our quality and expertise.
The client was thrilled with the images. We achieved a very satisfactory level to the point that the client didn’t want to change anything. That led to the final photo shoot with the very same model.

While planning and preparing for the photo shoot we always start with the understanding of client needs. We analyze brand DNA, visuals, and existing content (client’s website and social media). Then we create the internal mood board that reflects the client’s needs, as well it’s our guide to further work. Through that approach, the client receives the final product that responds to the brand’s strategy and requirements – Cyprian Lemiech.

“Givn Berlin is a brand that doesn’t pretend, it’s authentic and leads the sustainable fashion business that uses only natural fabrics. That determined the way we cast the models, do make-up, and select accessories.”

Cyprian Lemiech

We test, optimize and deliver quality.

We did the test shot to showcase our quality and expertise. The client was thrilled with the images. We achieved a very satisfactory level to the point that the client didn’t want to change anything. That led to the final photo shoot with the very same model.

Main results of the joint project

Optimised process and transparency in costs

We accomplished the photoshoot including 300 products. That combined a set of 4 pictures on the model and the packshots. In total it took us 5 working days, including the export of the images to the client.

Mortiz and Nicolleta came in person to overlook the photoshoot, although after 3 hours they decided to return home, as they concluded that our team was perfectly organized.

“By managing the project, Gopackshot took over as much as 80% of our work. With that model of work we just had to choose the products, agree on the dates and ship them to the studios.”

“Thanks to the transparent billing model, which covers all steps of organizing the photo shoot like copyrights, booking the models, beauty team, and the photographers we achieved clarity in budgeting further photo sessions.”




Since the test photo shoot, we continue working together. Implementing two main photo shoots a year, including 300 products each, as well as smaller inter-seasonal sessions.

“So far, our two-year collaboration with GoPackshot within product photography has expanded to include image shoots with models for all Givn Berlin collections. And this is just the beginning. What we like most about this collaboration is that the coordination of the process is so uncomplicated and that this high-quality outsourcing of the creation of our imagery allows us to focus on other important aspects of the collection.”
(Moritz Biel GIVN BERLIN)

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