8,000 unique products photographed per day
44 pallets of clothes per week
2 days time to online
Europe’s largest Re-commerce project

Who is our partner?

Our partner is one of the biggest online platforms in Europe, the leader in fashion and lifestyle e-commerce sales. They work with more than 7000 brands setting the newest trends and always one step ahead of the ever-changing fashion industry.

The challenge: Unlocking the Potential.

Elevating Pre-loved Fashion into Irresistible E-commerce Gems

At the onset of our journey, we embarked on a visionary mission - to breathe new life into pre-owned clothing through captivating online photography. This endeavor led us to build a dedicated studio, for showcasing thousands of garments each month. What set this venture apart was the uniqueness of every single item in our inventory. Proudly we embraced this challenge, aligning our passion with our partner's vision to ignite a revolution in the e-commerce sector. Together, we sought to transform every piece of pre-loved fashion into an irresistible gem that would capture the hearts and minds of online shoppers everywhere.

Right from the outset, this project appeared incredibly ambitious and remarkably challenging. The prospect of constructing it entirely from the ground up was irresistibly enticing. We relish ventures that grant us the opportunity to craft something entirely new.

Cyprian Lemiech, Managing Partner GoPackshot

Implemented solution

We faced a tight four-week deadline to establish a fully functional photo studio, streamline our workflow, and assemble a dedicated team. Additionally, we had the arduous task of designing and implementing an efficient logistics system to handle the substantial product volumes involved.


Initially, our production target stood at 5000 products per week, and progress proceeded smoothly. However, an unexpected phone call from a client changed the game. They requested a threefold increase in production within a month, presenting us with a significant challenge.


Without hesitation, we embraced this challenge and an ambitious journey to relocate and construct a brand-new studio.


This endeavor led us to transform a 1500-square-meter warehouse into a state-of-the-art photo studio. This entailed the installation of specialized infrastructure, including robust construction, an extensive internet network, logistical support, and essential social facilities. The entire operational system was meticulously planned and executed.


Crucially, the success of this transformation would not have been possible without our exceptional team. We handpicked individuals who possessed a deep passion for fashion and a resolutely positive attitude. Their dedication and expertise were instrumental in achieving our ambitious goals.

The entire process of our services included:

Main results from the joint project


images of unique products
per day


pallets of clothes
per week


days from product delivery
to photo upload

Our dedicated team worked tirelessly in our state-of-the-art studio achieving the extraordinary feat of photographing a staggering 1.5 million products (3 million images) in a single year.

Each shot was a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our client’s delight was evident in the sales results they saw using our packshot photos on their platform. We demonstrated our ability to turn pre-loved fashion into an enticing shopping experience.

Our proudest moment came when we received a request to triple our production in just one month. Rising to the challenge, we implemented a double-shift system that propelled our capacity to 8,000 unique products per day.

During our peak period, we seamlessly captured an astounding 43,000 products per week, translating into 86,000 images. Even with this high volume, our operational prowess ensured swift and efficient processing.

These achievements are not just numbers; they represent our dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment.


Our success story was built on a foundation of trust, professionalism, and passion that has spanned three years. During this time, we photographed millions of products with consistently high-quality images, earning appreciation for our commitment and professionalism. Our partner particularly appreciated our cooperation:

  • unlimited development opportunities,
  • customer service with a problem-solving focus,
  • flexibility to adapt to change,
  • efficiency of operation in a dynamic environment,
  • learning-by-doing philosophy with openness to testing new ideas,
  • well-organized logistics.

We pride ourselves on transparency and fostering a fantastic team atmosphere that supports success in all aspects of the project.