How we created the entire visual content for the new sports and apparel brand

Who is our partner?

Cuera® is a new sports and apparel brand that focuses on catering to the emerging padel community. With a focus on blending durability, aesthetics, comfort, and performance, Cuera® has quickly become a trusted destination for both padel athletes and enthusiasts. Behind Cuera® are the two founders Tabitha Guldbrandt Enevoldsen and Ulrik Leth, who have many years of experience in the fashion industry and a passion for Padel. They created an entire concept around the sport, and our team was thrilled to help showcase the brand’s vision to the world.

The challenge:

Working with Cuera® presented several challenges as everything, from the brand to the clothes and website, was being created from scratch. Our e-commerce photography studio was actively involved in the project, not only as a contractor but also as an advisor.

"As a budding fashion brand, finding the right partner was crucial. We needed someone who has experience and the necessary know-how to help us attain the desired results."

Ulrik Leth, the brand's CEO and Co-Founder

Implemented solution:

As part of our collaboration with Cuera®, we conducted a comprehensive test photo shoot. This step was crucial as it enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the brand and its products, facilitating the adaptation of the final result to meet the client’s specific requirements.

The brand had a clear vision for the photo shoot

The model’s poses

Firstly, specific instructions were given regarding the model’s poses, emphasizing a consistent approach throughout the images. This included maintaining eye contact with the camera, positioning the feet towards the lens, keeping legs moderately apart, showcasing a relaxed facial expression, utilizing fixed angles, and ensuring the arms were naturally positioned at the sides, maintaining a vertical alignment within the frame.


Styling played a significant role in achieving the desired aesthetic, with careful attention given to color coordination. The model’s hair was styled to enhance the overall appearance, and a natural makeup look was utilized.

Color combinations

Color combinations were a significant consideration as Cuera® made a collection focused on six specific colors. The brand aimed to showcase these combinations effectively, considering them a vital aspect of their visual identity.

Unisex approach to clothing

The brand wanted to showcase a unisex approach to clothing, featuring both male and female models in the same picture.

Technical requirements

Technical requirements included specific file formats and background colors, ensuring consistency.

Initially, Cuera® was satisfied with the outcomes of the test photo shoot, but the brand’s expectations and vision underwent evolution during the process. This highlights the immense significance of conducting a test photo shoot, particularly for a new brand. Such an endeavor presents a priceless opportunity to visualize the presentation of their products on a model, offering a glimpse into the potential aesthetic impact. This valuable experience allows the brand to refine and align their vision, ensuring the final result harmonizes seamlessly with their evolving expectations.

Our studio created the entire visual content for Cuera’s online store.

We made for Cuera’s online store packshots, model photos, and detailed photos that highlighted the unique features of the brand’s products. Cuera’s clothing collection was meticulously designed, offering a diverse range of options suitable for both on-court and off-court occasions. The brand prioritizes environmentally conscious manufacturing by utilizing recycled, organic, and synthetic materials, placing an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Their brand is well-conceived from start to finish, and they establish strategic partnerships with top Danish padel players as brand ambassadors.

"The gopackshot studio we worked with not only had the necessary expertise but also the adaptability to bring our vision to life. They were supportive from day one, and helped us bring our content ideas to fruition."

Ulrik Leth, the brand's CEO and Co-Founder

Main results of the joint project:

Flexibility: Through the test photo shoot, we collaborated with Cuera® to refine and align their evolving vision. This iterative process ensured that the final visual content harmonized seamlessly with the brand’s changing expectations.

Adaptability and Support: As Cuera® built its brand from scratch, our e-commerce photography studio played an active role not only as a contractor but also as an advisor. We supported Cuera® throughout the project, providing guidance and bringing their content ideas to fruition.

Clear Vision Execution: We implemented the brand’s clear vision for the photoshoot, focusing on crucial aspects

Comprehensive Visual Content: We created the entire visual content for Cuera’s online store, which included packshots, model photos, and detailed photos, amounting to an impressive collection of over 800 photos. These visuals effectively highlighted the unique features of Cuera’s products, showcasing the brand’s dedication to quality and aesthetics.


Working with Cuera® was a unique and exciting experience for our e-commerce photography studio. By partnering with the brand and working closely to adapt to its evolving vision, we were able to create visuals that accurately portrayed the Cuera® brand’s message and captured the essence of the sport. Despite the challenges of working with a new brand in the fashion industry, our experienced team was able to meet expectations and provide flexibility and openness to change. We are proud to have been a part of the process of creating a new brand and look forward to future projects.

"Gopackshot has been an invaluable partner in our fashion journey, providing exceptional visual content that has surpassed our expectations. We have not encountered any other studio that can match their level of expertise and quality. We wholeheartedly recommend Gopackshot to any fashion brand out there. Great job!"

Ulrik Leth, the brand's CEO and Co-Founder