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Who is our partner?

Alternative classics for the independent and brave.

Brixtol Textiles was started in a small kitchen in Stockholm, in 2011 by two longtime friends Gustav Kjellander and Emil Holmström. The idea of parting with tradition and breaking the convention fuelled the birth of the brand and it became the manifestation of an idea in the shape of quality clothing inspired by a combination of British workwear and the 1960’s mod culture.

With a fair share of dedication bordering on stubbornness and progressive mindsets, the pair set out on a journey that eventually led them to the BritishMidlands, home of world-leading manufacturers in traditional British outerwear.


The result of this unconventional relationship is Brixtol – alternative classics for the independent and brave. The concept of exploring one’s individuality, continuous reinvention, and rejecting the dull, the timid, and the old-fashioned play a central role in the mindset of Brixtol.

The challenge:
Brixtol approached us in 2019 with a request to do a photoshoot for a clothing collection. They wanted to make sure that we are a photographic studio focused on long-term cooperation and we maintain the high quality of image. Clients can count on our fresh and proactive approach to product photography.


Before Brixtol started working with us, they had struggled with one issue: with every new collection, they had to explain the brand history, style, and philosophy to a new photographer. The photo shoots took a lot of time and attention of the whole team

„Every photographer has their own vision and that has been frustrating with every change when we were trying to explain what we wanted”

Gustav Kjellander (Brixtol Co-Founder)

Implemented solutions
…In the case of e-commerce images (packshots), stylists and photographers are storytellers and have very limited resources to capture the mood and style. Brand DNA and brand message can only be told through the proper styling of the clothes. Our main challenge was to identify Brixtol’s needs – thanks to that we could make microdecisions during the photo session on our own, without involving the client. Our team was tasked with doing a test shoot (as always we do it for free for the client so we can get to know each other and understand each other’s expectations and needs).

In Gopackshot we strive to meet and exceed the clients’ needs and get to know their profile perfectly well. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of photos. We are convinced this is the basis for a long-term cooperation. All things considered, it turned out we were a perfect fit for Brixtol.

Our team was tasked with doing a test shoot (as always we do it for free for the client so we can get to know each other and understand each other’s expectations and needs).

We hadn’t received any instructions from Gustav before the test – he asked us to take the photos as we saw them to see how we felt about their brand DNA. So, we rolled up our sleeves and tuned in to the mood of the 1960s. Zero tips or hints, and yet a great result. The feedback after the test was as follows:

„I was positively surprised the test shoot was better than expected”

says Gustav.

Let us do what we do best – take photos.

In return, you'll get great photos and save a lot of time. We’ve just celebrated the third year of our cooperation. During this time we have photographed 6 new collections with 200 products each. For a year we also ran some image sessions for Brixtol, effects of which can be seen in this presentation. Our hands-on approach and understanding a brand style and the client's needs have saved them up to 80% of their photoshoot time.

Main results of the joint project

  • Pictures of excellent quality made on time
  • Saving up to 80% of the time previously spent by the client on photo shoots
  • Building a long-term relationship based on trust


„I see the benefits of working with the same photographer/ team every season that has our „recipe” so we can keep the consistency in images. We can save time while me and my team can do other things. With GoPackshot I am sure that the photos will be delivered in time and in line with our DNA. Now, I’m very happy to see a possibility for a long-term partnership. Thanks to our partnerships with our suppliers/ factories, we are able to deal with the pandemic.”

says Gustav Kjellander (Brixtol co-founder).



We are currently celebrating our third year of cooperation during which we keep on expanding its scope and creating new ways of presenting products together with the client. This very clearly shows that our client’s main goal of finding a suitable partner for years has been fulfilled.

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