Jun 2023

Benefits of test shoots offered by fashion e-commerce photography studios

Choosing a photography studio for your fashion brand is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. It plays a key role in effectively capturing and showcasing your products, conveying your vision through photographs and ultimately – the sale of your products. To ensure you are making the right choice, many photography studios offer a valuable service – a test session, which is often for free. In this article, we will discuss why photography studios offer test sessions and how they can benefit both the studio and the client.

Establishing standards and building trust

Photography studios understand that clients search for consistent quality, reliability and professionalism. By offering test sessions, studios can demonstrate their ability to meet these standards. It allows them to evaluate whether their work is in line with their own aesthetic preferences, goals, quality requirements, and whether the final photos meet client’s expectations. This initial interaction establishes the foundation of trust and confidence in the studio’s abilities.

Understanding the brand’s DNA and client requirements

Test shoots allow the studio to get to know the brand and their products, as well as understand the client’s requirements and preferences regarding all aspects, including technical details, styling guidelines for products, hairstyles, makeup etc. Understanding all requirements, brand identity, and products is invaluable when creating photos and ensures that the results meet the client’s expectations.

Collaboration and feedback

Test sessions allow for open communication and collaboration between the photography studio and the client. It provides an opportunity for clients to provide feedback on the initial results and make any necessary adjustments before the actual photo shoot. This collaborative approach ensures that the final photos accurately represent the brand’s vision.

Exploring new approaches

Test sessions also provide an opportunity for photography studios to propose new ideas and solutions to clients and provide professional advice. In addition to maintaining the current standard of product photos, studios can suggest fresh concepts or creative options that clients may not have considered. Using their experience and expertise, studios can provide a fresh perspective on the brand and propose unique visual solutions that can enhance their brand.

Assessing quality and service

Test sessions give clients the opportunity to assess the quality of the studio’s work on their own. They can evaluate technical proficiency, attention to detail, and overall photo quality. Additionally, clients can assess the studio’s communication skills, professionalism, and responsiveness. The ability to effectively collaborate and receive exceptional service is crucial in establishing long-term cooperation.

Evaluating final files

In addition to evaluating the session itself, clients can evaluate the studio’s efficiency in delivering final files. Test sessions allow clients to evaluate the studio’s attention to detail in editing, retouching, and preparing files. This evaluation ensures that the studio’s production process meets the client’s expectations and is consistent with their work requirements.

Low-risk decision-making

Photos are the most important selling factor on online stores and platforms. The option of a free test shoot allows clients to explore their options without any obligations, making it an excellent opportunity to test the service before making a final decision. This low-risk approach enables clients to make an informed decision.

Cost-effective solution

Test sessions can save clients money in the long run. By conducting a trial shoot before committing to a full project, clients can identify any potential issues or areas for improvement early on, avoiding costly mistakes or re-shoots in the future.


Test sessions allow clients to streamline the photo production process. By addressing any concerns or adjustments during the test shoot, the actual photo shoot can be more efficient and productive, saving both time and resources.

Building long-term partnerships

By offering a free test shoot, photography studios have the opportunity to build long-term partnerships with clients. The test session serves as a starting point for a strong working relationship based on trust, professionalism and a shared understanding of the brand’s needs.


A free test session is a valuable tool that benefits both photography studios and potential clients.

Benefits for the clients:

Risk-free evaluation: Test sessions allow clients to assess the capabilities and services of a photography studio without committing to a full project, reducing the risk of disappointment or mismatched expectations.

Quality assurance: Clients can evaluate the studio’s work during the test shoot, ensuring that it meets their desired standards of quality before proceeding with the full project.

Cost-saving opportunity: Test shoots help identify any issues or areas for improvement, allowing clients to avoid costly mistakes or re-shoots in the future, ultimately saving money in the long run.

Benefits for photography studios:

Trust building: Test shoots provide a platform for studios to showcase their ability to meet standards and deliver on client expectations, building trust in their capabilities.

Creative value: Test sessions allow studios to propose innovative ideas and creative solutions, adding value to the client’s brand and enhancing their visual representation.

Process improvement and partnerships: Feedback received during test shoots helps studios improve their processes, efficiency, and client service, leading to better overall experiences and the potential for long-term partnerships.

At Gopackshot, we understand the importance of choosing the right photography studio that’s why we offer a free test shoot to help you make an informed decision. If you’re ready to experience our service and see how we can bring your vision to life, simply click the button below to schedule an online meeting with our team.